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624 Pitchblend Street, Elarduspark, Pretoria 0047, Gauteng, South Africa


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A-Zzz Woodland Children's Playhouses. We build the most unique and whimsical children's Playhouses, Crooked Houses, Tree Houses and more... available in Gauteng.


It all started with a Dad from Pretoria called Zyne whom always had a passion for woodwork, and in his spare time would always do small little projects.

Then two beautiful girls came along Ziané & Zaylee and as they grew up in front of his eyes he soon came to realise that there is something missing, something that they can call their own, a place where they can go and be themselves, a place where they can live out their fantasies.

One night he was sitting at home and it dawned on him that a treehouse will fulfil the desired need for his two little girls. He immediately started with research, to find out who can build the best, innovative and funky kids playhouse. He soon came to realise with a certain amount of disappointment that nowhere in South Africa such a place exists. Alice in Wonderland was the book of choice at night for a bed time story, in the book was pictures illustrating the most fascinating houses with odd shapes, crooked roofs, mesmerizing colours and just plain funky looking. 

Armed with a vision, dedication, passion and love for his two little girls he embarked on a journey to build the most whimsical treehouse. With undivided support from his beloved wife Antoinette he worked tirelessly every night in his own garage to make this vision a reality. Within a few weeks the finished product was established in his garden, with the outcome exceeding his own expectations. The girls loved their new playhouse, they now had their own little space where they could imagine and play. Kids all over the neighbourhood wanted to see and play in the treehouse, even parents were in awe….

Needless to say, word got out and kids playhouses/treehouses had to be built for friends and family across Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

Till this very day…. Contact us TODAY!!


A-Zzz Woodland believe that kids have the right to imagine and play. What better way than to give them their own unique and custom wooden Kids Playhouse/treehouse, for them to live out their wildest dreams and adventures. So that families can make new and wonderful memories together. To get kids to want to play outside again…

The craftsmanship and attention to detail we put into every playhouse/treehouse is what sets us apart, this is our passion and we love doing this as our full time job and it shows in the work we do. We always exceed our clients expectations and we work hand in hand with our clients to make their ideas a reality.


The majority of playhouses on the market right now are very simple and straightforward, whereas kids want something bright, different, wacky, fun and a place to call their own. Our playhouses and tree houses are designed to provide your children with an out-of-this-world escape right in your comfort of your own backyard, We don’t pre fab anything and all our work is custom built. 

To be unique, different and custom with all our builds. Out of this world designs with play full interactions. Details – It’s all about the small details


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624 Pitchblend Street, Elarduspark, Pretoria 0047, Gauteng, South Africa

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