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Babynastix based in Sandton is an educational programme drawn up in consultation and endorsed by an OT, MBBch paediatrician and early childhood development developer educator (all are mothers too).

All exercises focus on developing and stimulating baby's senses, while developing physical, emotional, cognitive and language areas.

Babynastix looks deep into the life and brain of a baby and understands the importance of stimulation.

Babynastix helps to ensure babies develop fundamental skills to their full potential that will improve and lay the ground work for future skills such as reading, writing, maths, language, gross motor, emotional intelligence and so much more

BEST OF ALL… Babynastix is affordable, fun and convenient and helps you to socialize and interact with other care givers, create amazing memories with your baby and make life time friendships.

Babynastix focuses on building parent-child relationships as bonding through nurturing touch is known and researched to play a vital role, if not, the most important role in a child’s life.

“What does caring and loving touch do for infants? It is a necessary part of developing attachment between the child and parents. It is the beginning of communication between you and your child. Because you make him feel secure, the child learns to trust you and develops an emotional tie to you. The child’s response to those feelings of security deepens your feelings of love and protectiveness towards him. It is what Dr. T. Barry Brazelton refers to as the parent and child “falling in love” with each other.” GIGI NEWTON

Babynastix classes are aimed at crucial developmental stages in baby’s first year. 2 – 6 months, 6 – 9 months and 9 – 12 months , 12 – 24 months…and we focus on small groups for maximum attention.

CLASSES ARE PRESENTED AT VENUES where caregivers bring baby along and AT SCHOOLS/ DAY CARE FACILITIES where an instructor visits your baby’s school.

- Babynastix has been established since October 2009
- Babynastix is endorsed by independent paediatric occupational therapists and ECD educators
- Babynastix is supported and forms apart of the world leading Monkeynastix movement programme for children worldwide
- Babynastix not only builds lasting relationships with you and baby but with amazing friends too

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17 Crawford Drive, Sandton 2055, Gauteng, South Africa

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