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Overcome ADHD & learning difficulties & catch up in class with Catch Up Kids. Centres located in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

Is your child:

Falling behind in the classroom?

Attending remedial school or bridging class?

Struggling to keep up at playschool, nursery school or primary school?

How can we assist?

Our goal is to produce confident and empowered learners who have a strong memory, the ability to perform as an expert in any classroom environment and who have executive functioning skills and all necessary skills to keep up with the class and academic demands. We address the individualised needs of learners who are struggling academically or falling behind in the classroom to help them achieve academic excellence and become confident members of the classroom.

Accelerate your child’s learning capabilities with individualised remedial classes and expert teachers!

The Catch Up team consists of professionals who will be allocated to a child and provide 1 on 1 sessions depending on the child’s specific programme. Learn more about our Catch Up team and their qualifications and experience from your Catch Up co-ordinator.

Our Catch Up professionals receive exemplar instructional skills from our Catch Up trainers. They are empowered to create the dynamic and rewarding learning experiences that fundamentally transform our student’s academic aptitudes and overall cognitive abilities.

At Catch Up Kids we address issues such as emotional coping, attention, planning, inhibition, memory, flexibility, self monitoring, time management, meta-cognition, problem solving, social skills and more.

Meeting with the Catch Up Coordinator to discuss your child and how a catch up programme can assist your child.

School observation and IEP meeting with the school and your Catch Up Supervisor.

IEP Development.

Workshop and Catch Up Programme Design – an experienced team of tutors are trained to meet your child’s individual needs. The programme itself is designed by the Catch Up supervisor.

Recommendations are made for one on one sessions and/or school facilitation which may occur at home, at one of our Catch Up facilities, at school or in the community depending on the needs of each child.

Monthly workshop evaluations and progress assessments with your child and the Catch Up tutors and/or monthly or bi-monthly IEP meetings.

By teaching children executive functioning skills such as emotional coping, planning, attention, time management, flexibility, meta-cognition, memory, problem solving, social skills and more, students are empowered to achieve academic excellence and to catch up with their peers.

Catch Up Kids has one goal – to produce confident and empowered learners who have all the necessary skills to keep up with the class and academic demands.

The programme aims to help your child:

1. Accelerate learning capabilities and Catch up!

2. Become a classroom expert and Catch up!

3. Improve academic performance and Catch up!

We are here to help teach empowering skills if your child is:

1. Falling behind in the classroom;

2. Attending a remedial school or bridging class at a mainstream school;

3. Struggling to keep up with the class;

We are nothing your child has experienced before. Let’s have fun and catch up!


Business Locations:
96 6th Avenue, Johannesburg 2192, Gauteng, South Africa

 80 Athol Street, Johannesburg 2090, Gauteng, South Africa
 112 Athol Street, Johannesburg 2192, Gauteng, South Africa
 72 Glenluce Drive, Sandton 2191, Gauteng, South Africa
 12 Graham Road, Cape Town 8060, Western Cape, South Africa
 14 Somerset Drive, Umhlanga 4319, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
 480 Kleineweide Street, Pretoria 0048, Gauteng, South Africa

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96 6th Avenue, Johannesburg 2192, Gauteng, South Africa

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