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Fair Practice Family / Divorce Mediation Services - Striving towards affordable, accessible and competent legal care for everyone.


As an alternative to litigation, mediation offers more affordable and practical solutions.


Our mediation sessions are conducted by a an accredited mediator, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the legal, commercial and psychological fields.

Step 1

We can help you and your family resolve your issues together with less arguments and more collaboration.

Step 2

Choose the alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation and mediate with us.

Step 3

No deposits required, you pay per session and for the documents that need drafting.

MEDIATION is for pre, post or currently divorcing or separating couples married or unmarried who need help to negotiate an agreement on:

The Parenting Plan

Details about the “access” and “custody” of your children, while looking at your family’s personal circumstances.

Maintenance Budget

Maintenance as required and calculated by the law and influenced by everyone’s needs and the ability to pay.

Division of The Estate

A division of the estate that is fair and equitable based on your marital regime.


Instead of choosing litigation, go for the much more affordable, quick and fair methods used in the mediation process to resolve your conflict and relieve your emotional and financial stresses.

Each conflict is dealt with its own unique mediation process where everyone gets a chance to speak and have his or her needs heard by a neutral third person, the mediator.  The mediator makes sure that no-one feels disadvantaged or confused by the mediation.

At Fair Practice you will get information from our team of  legal mediators, assisted where necessary by financial advisors and psychologists, who will help everyone create workable solutions – a better way to resolve your conflict.

Choose from our range of services, we are waiting to help you.

* Pre and Post Divorce Mediation
Cohabitation Agreements
Relationship Guidance
Workplace Conflict Management


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279 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, Gauteng, South Africa

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