Happy Valley Kids Play Centre & Restaurant

10 Memorium Street, George 6529, Western Cape, South Africa


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Happy Valley is a supervised children’s play centre and party venue situated in George, Western Cape that offers a series of activities devoted to the physical, mental, emotional and social development of children.

We offer a large indoor soft play structure for children aged  2 - 10, and a smaller  play area for the younger 0 – 2 year olds.

In addition to the soft play structure, there is also alternative fun activities such as; wall climbing, trampoline, art wall etc.

Our mission statement:
Our mission is to provide George and the surrounding area with a fun, safe and exiting child entertainment facility and party venue, focusing on children aged 0-10 years, which focuses on all 5 developmental aspects namely; physical, emotional, social, mental and intellectual development to ultimately help children develop as a whole through interactive play. Happy Valley will provide parents with a safe, secure, clean, supervised and stimulating environment for their children to explore and develop.

Our play area:

Physical development:
Motor Skills such as balance, eye and hand co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills.

Social development:
The play activities will help to improve the children's social skills through interaction with friends as well as other children they might not know in a unique way – they negotiate their way around the structure, taking turns, chasing and being chased and sharing the play equipment.

Mental development:
Amongst others, spatial awareness is probably the biggest factor that will be improved as the children have to work out where they are in relation to others and their surroundings and how to get from point A to point B.

Emotional development:
The children's confidence levels develops and increases as the children challenge themselves in a fun, non pressurised manner to attempt activities that they may not have otherwise done and this improves their self-esteem. This also helps them to set goals and achieve success in a fun and playful manner.

Through the unstructured play and the choice between a number of activities children are able to express their creative side without being judged and criticised. The art wall will also create an ideal opportunity to express their creative side and emotions.


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10 Memorium Street, George 6529, Western Cape, South Africa

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