I M Smart Montessori Preschool

347 Vine Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg 2194, Gauteng, South Africa


Business Details

Custom built Montessori Pre-School with spacious play areas to promote gross motor activities, bright and airy classrooms stocked with age appropriate, self correcting learning materials and dedicated baby and toddler area.

Encourage & Develop

We offer an environment committed to serving and respecting each individual that forms part of the school. We encourage and develop tolerance for all races, cultures and religions.

Baby Section

I M Smart has a baby section catering for children from 3 months to 18 months, toddler area catering for children from 18 months to 3 years and pre-schoolers aged 3-6 years.

Loving Environment

At I M Smart we endeavour to create an educational, yet loving environment in which your child can discover the wonders of our natural world.


Children are grouped in babies (3 months to 18 months), toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and pre-school (3 years to 6 years) environments.

This aspires the children to work together, develops sense of responsibility in older children and motivates the younger ones to achieve.

Environment is arranged according to the main subject areas – mathematics, language, science, history, geography, music, social skills etc) and children are free to move around and work with different pieces of materials.

Children learn through all five senses, and not just through listening, watching or reading. Learning is done at own pace and per own choice of materials, resulting in motivation and self-discipline.


The Montessori Method, named after its founder, an Italian physician, Maria Montessori, stresses the importance of the development of a healthy self- concept. Education, she believed, is a preparation for life, not merely a search for intellectual skills. Children have one inner aim, their self-development. Children who are able to satisfy their inner needs will move in harmony with their world, becoming well-balanced, independent adults. The Montessori method pursues the fact the young child has an “absorbent mind” and thus the environment should be prepared to develop their skills, refine their senses and equip them with knowledge of the world around them.


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347 Vine Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg 2194, Gauteng, South Africa