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inkSMART online – the portal where Trophy Robotics Courses and inkSMART Resources give you a wonderful start on junior engineering: mechanics, robotics and coding!

inkSMART focusses on educational support for schools. However, we understand that many teachers are just too busy to take on more activities. Therefor, we at inkSmart can do robotics for you at your school

inkSMART is already helping a lot of schools with their robotics programs. We take a lot of pressure off of the teachers to learn about robotics, while at the same time help schools implement their robotics programs more efficiently.

We are very passionate about robotics and would like to see all the schools not just running great programs, but also participate in competitions where the learners can really start to apply what they have learned. Robotics competitions however is less about winning and much more about learning, because as we learn from other teams, we also develop our own skills.

Our involvement in schools is however mainly in a supportive role. Where it is not viable or possible for us to physically present classes to learners, we help teachers through our great e-learning website to improve their robotics experience and ensure that the learners have fun while learning about robots, mechanics and problem solving.

Contact us today and learn how we can support and help you!


We focus mainly on the lower grades on mechanical design and problem solving. Most people believe that it is a great idea to start very early with programming, however, we believe that if one starts with basic mechanics first and teach learners great designing techniques and ways to solve problem mechanically at a young age, we still get the best of both worlds. That is, teaching them on a level that is on par with their cognitive development and the addon bonus of keeping their creativity in tact as long as possible.

We spend a lot of time in the lower grades, just building all kinds of machines and trying to apply some simple mechanical principles to all of these machines. The more they practice to solve problems mechanically in the real world and not on computers, the more skills they develop and the better they are at solving robotics problems when they get to it. Great mechanical designs makes programming robots very easy.

However, we also have a real world sequencing toolkit "AmaKhodi", to teach the little ones how to sequence events and where to look for problems if things does not work out as it should.

At higher grade levels (grade4 and up) we start working first with basic robotics programming which is a little bit different from normal computer coding, as robots needs to perform in the real world. This can be really frustrating and that is one of the reasons why we hold back on serious programming until we feel the learners are ready to handle this kind of frustration. High school level however is mainly focused on solving all kinds of problems.

We expect our learners to be able to solve a robotics problem by first understand what the problem is, then figure out a way to build a robot mechanically to solve the problem and then lastly use your programming skills to nail the problem.


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16 Watermeyer Street, Vanderbijlpark 1911, Gauteng, South Africa
082 479 2714 or 082 851 8892

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