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Kids Party Stuff in Hartbeespoort will organize and arrange your Kids Party... From Food to Fun! Call us to see what we can do for you!


Kids Party Stuff is able to offer you a wide range of party themes for you to select from for your kids special day. We have a number of pre-set themes that we work from or will be happy to negotiate specialised individual themes should you have something in mind that you want to do


Kids Party Stuff are able to offer a wide range of party activities for your birthday boy or girl and their friends.

Party activities can include a number of generic and traditional games that can be included in any party of any theme, or they can be specifically related to the theme of choice. Feel free to contact us to discuss the options and your choices available.


Kids Party Stuff has a wide range of equipment available for you to hire to make your kids party the event that they will never forget, from tables and chairs to Ferris Wheels, Jumping Castles, Trains, Ponies and Pony Carts, Carousels, Quad Bikes, Ride on Cars and more.

Additionally, we also have a range of food related items available for you to add that extra flare to your special day, form popcor machines to candyfloss machines and more.


Kids Party Stuff able to offer you a world of creativity when it comes to birthday cakes - from 2D square cakes with photographic pictures atop to 3D shapes related to your theme.

Just tell us what you are looking for and we will see how best we can assist you

We offer a choice of either sponge cake or ice cream cakes and will assist you with information as to what is the best choice for your selected design and theme.

Options can include:

- Flat Cake – sponge or Ice Cream
- Number Cake – Sponge or Ice Cream
- Upright Barbie Cake– Sponge or Ice Cream
- Castle Cake – Sponge only
- Unicorn Cake– Sponge or Ice Cream
- 3D Cake – Sponge Only



Helium Balloons to the colours of your Party
Stick Balloons to the colours of your Party

Loot Bags

The loot bag consists of a Brown paper bag Filled with a Packet of chips, 3 decent prizes and token sweets! It is sealed with a sticker done to the theme of the party thanking everyone on behalf of the birthday child for making the day so special.

Kit Bags

The Kit bag is a dishcloth bag with a tin plate and mug inside with the child’s name painted on it!

I have also included plastic soccer balls as another alternative to party packs as up to 3year olds do not understand or really enjoy a party pack, whereas they LOVE the plastic soccer balls!

Party Buckets

As an alternative, there are individual buckets for each child. The buckets are each painted with the individual child's name on the front and a sticker done to the theme of the party thanking everyone on behalf of the birthday child for making the day so special. The buckets are filled with a packet of chips, sweets, mango, popcorn, and a toy -sunglasses whatever, They can come in either tin or plastic.


For Kiddies Birthday Parties, special family occasions and corporate functions

Aside from a large thatched Lapa area, which will protect you from any bad weather, we have many facilities which promote outdoor parent-kid interaction. The play area is completly enclosed and within easy viewing sight from the outside benches.

Some of our facilities include:

- Outside benches with umbrellas
- Shady sandpit for the little ones
- Swings & See-saws
- Large grassed area with soccer posts
- Foefie slides
- Pool table
- Jungle Gym
- Wendy House
- Trampolines
- Bicycle track

Coming soon . . .

- 18 hole Adventure Putt-putt
- Giant Chess
- Giant Connect Four
- Action cricket arena


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