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As a leading specialist care provider in the Gauteng area, we have established a specialized facility, including a Learning center, Residential/boarding and Respite Care for Children and Young Adults with learning and physical Disabilities.

Little Gems  is open all year round and offer places to children and young adults, with complex needs, also known as special needs, these include severe and complex, profound and multiple learning difficulties, language and communication impairments, Epilepsy, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behaviour Disturbance, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome.

Founded by Kerry Hackeson who is originally from the UK, she has over 30 years of experience in the field of Early intervention and behavioural issues. Kerry is the mother of a special needs child and has established and managed a successful residential care facility in Dubai UAE whilst she was living there for 15 years.

Little Gems is passionate about offering the latest up to date staff training to be able to offer the highest quality of care.


We offer a comprehensive day care program  where our children each with an individual education/care plan learn to reach their full potential within a fun and stimulating setting.

A large soft Play area with a large ball pool for therapies and fun.

A sensory room, filled with an array of multi-sensory resources.

There is a comfy, cosy, television lounge with DSTV and big sofas a fitted kitchen and dining area where our young people can enjoy meals and snacks and work on those all-important independent life skills.

Our other facilities include a large garden with open spaces to develop a sense of freedom within a safe and supervised environment. Within the garden there are climbing frames and equipment; grassy areas are plentiful for outdoor play and a large swimming pool and vegetable garden.

We aspire to provide a safe, homely atmosphere, where young people are comfortable, confident and happy.

For us, it’s about more than just accommodation and personal care. Our service provides a safe and supportive environment where your child can develop their independence, build confidence and pursue their goals through an enriched curriculum.

Whilst we cannot match exactly everything that individual families provide we do strive to reproduce a family environment and a homely atmosphere.

We have nurses available 24 hours per day, who work closely with care support staff to monitor and assess students' health needs.


* Unlock the potential of the young people who live and learn at Little Gems so they are able to live fulfilling and productive lives

* Create an environment that ensures and promotes the well being of each individual in a safe and secure setting in which they can live, work and develop their potential

* Develop in each young person a greater understanding and awareness of themselves, their community and the world in which they live

* Build on the strengths and celebrate the achievements of all our young people

* Teach new personal, social and practical skills that will help them in later life

* Develop communication skills and use language (whenever possible) with confidence to communicate effectively supporting the use of Makaton (sign language) and PEC’s (Picture Exchange communication system)

* Develop self-confidence, self-control, independence, sensitivity and consideration for others

* Establish Oak Haven as an exceptional provision in the care, education, and support for children and young adults with special needs


Teachers, care staff, learning support assistants, therapists work together as an integrated team, with the young person at the heart of everything we do.

The principles that underlie our approach include:

* Working collaboratively with families/carer’s

* Ensuring that professionals work effectively as a seamless team across the 24 hour curriculum

* Sharing goals, ideas, knowledge and targets to promote the intellectual, physical and emotional well being

* Using a joint and creative problem solving approach


We are special, unique and (we think) amazing! All our children are valued and are supported yet challenged to develop their knowledge. Skills and learning both within the classroom and through our extensive programme of activities.

We aim to help our children grow in confidence as they acquire skills that support their independence, health and self-esteem. We aim to build their self-confidence, self-care and independence.

By providing a holistic, multidisciplinary assessments and intervention programmes, all designed to meet each individual’s needs. Our holistic approach to education includes integrated therapy and multi-sensory lessons which are motivating, relevant and fun. We have Small class groups. High staff/pupil ratio

Our staff work together to identify the needs and to devise and monitor joint targets. This approach gives parents, as well as other professionals, a comprehensive picture of the child which helps ensure that every child makes the best possible progress.

Each young person has an individual education plan and an individual behaviour management plan which break down the objectives of their needs into small steps so that progress can be monitored and assessed.


* Occupational, Speech, and Physiotherapy

* Language and communication abilities

* Gross motor development

* Cognitive abilities

* Adaptive or self-help skills

* Social-emotional development

* ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis)

* Support to use including PEC’s (picture exchange communication) Makaton

* Fine motor development


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