Little Legends Pre-School

22 Mouton Road, Horison, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa


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Little Legends is a Christian based Preschool situated in Horison. Little Legends prides itself on being up to date with latest qualifications, children’s needs and programmes.

From a young age children of Little Legends are exposed to computer literacy skills, motor and reflex development, swimming classes, various cultural activities, mathematics and listening and communication skills. We prepare the children as much as possible so that when they leave here and enter the world of primary school they are well equipped and ready to accept the challenges of growth and development of school learning. 

During an ordinary day at Little Legends the children take part in morning class which is followed by snack time. After another session of learning in the classroom the children are given a good solid play time with Little Legends’ outside facilities which include various jungle gyms, swings, sand pits and areas in which sport balls can be used. The children come indoors to enjoy a lunch packed with the goodies a child’s body needs and then it’s off to nap time. Once the children have rested they are free to have playtime until picked up by their parents or guardians.

Little Legends is also a secure, safe environment for the children to feel comfortable and free to learn and grow. We have security systems in place making sure your precious ones are safe and qualified, attentive teachers to make sure your child is in good hands.

How We Differ From Other Schools?

We differ from other Preschools  because we are based upon Christian, non-racist, non-prejudice values and morals. We offer a wide range of activities and cultures that teach our children about growth, good morals and diversity. We are up to date with latest teaching methods, qualifications, teaching materials and facilities. We offer great learning facilities for your children. We do not only focus on our enrolled youngsters but also help develop those in school and who are part of our aftercare program. Our aftercare teachers help with homework and other work which they might find difficult and challenging. Our extra teaching and help assures that when our children go back to school, they are prepared. We do the extra so that your child might achieve the extra.  


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