Lorian Phillips - Clinical Psychologist

Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

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I am a Clinical Psychologist with a professional and personal interest in ADHD.

I offer a 4 week Parenting Course to parents of AD(H)D children designed to provide parents with an in-depth understanding of and insight into AD(H)D as well as many skills and techniques for dealing with the issues that arise with AD(H)D children.

Being a parent of an AD(H)D child is often a frustrating and helpless experience. Our children can render us powerless with no idea of how to help and support them. AD(H)D also affects the entire family - from parents and siblings to the extended family.

The Course I offer covers a wide variety of topic:

- How the Brain of the AD(H)D child functions
- The 11 executive brain functions affected by AD(H)D such as concentration, organisation, planning and so on
- How to reward the AD(H)D child and keep them motivated
- New techniques for behaviour management
- Understanding the social and emotional issues that arise with AD(H)D children
- Dealing with daily routines more effectively
- The wider context of the AD(H)D child - the school, family and society

I also offer private consultations on dealing with one's AD(H)D child.


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