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Fun activities for Moms, babies and toddlers. Play is truly the work of childhood, Babies and toddlers don’t distinguish ‘learning’ from ‘play’ - they are driven to learn, explore and discover, through play.

Play is special, it’s fun and it’s important to your baby’s development. Through play, your baby will develop new skills, explore their imagination as well as learn about relating to people around them.

At Mothers and Miracles, we specialise in creating fun learning experiences, for babies from 3 months old to toddlers (36 months). Our weekly classes offer an intimate and nurturing environment where mothers and their young children engage in a range of carefully designed play-based activities that maximise learning potential. Small groups, led by carefully selected and trained facilitators who understand the development of young children, are designed to optimise the uniqueness and unlimited potential of each child.

Developed by a leading early childhood educationalist and in association with an occupational therapist and an educational psychologist and pre-school teacher, the programme focuses on:

intellectual development
fine motor activities
gross motor activities
sensory play
tactile development
perceptual activities
movement with percussion and rhythm
emotional development
social interaction
infant Massage

Our weekly classes involve a variety of stimulating activities for babies and toddlers that are presented in a fun, relaxed and nurturing environment. The parent or caregiver is actively involved in each session, guiding and encouraging the child through age appropriate learning activities.

Moms all over the country have enjoyed the growth, bonding, learning, fun and friendships that they've gained from the Mothers and Miracles programme. Read what they have to say about us.

Mothers and Miracles have studios throughout South Africa and in Windhoek, Namibia. Find a class near you and join us for a free trial class.



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