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Pro Arte Alphen Park is a unique english high school in the East of Pretoria. A school focussed specifically on the the Arts as well as Business.

This dual medium school offers six specialised focus areas, namely Dance, Art, Music, Drama, Hospitality Studies and Enterprise Management. Enrolling is subject to an audition in a specific focus area.

The history of the school began in 1964, when a commercial, Afrikaans medium school was built in the suburb of Alphen Park across the Ashlea Gardens estate. The school was successful in attracting students who wanted to pursue a career in the financial services sector which was growing steadily at that time. The school accommodated over 800 students and operated for 30 years until 1994.

Concurrently, the Pretoria school of Art, music and ballet was operating on the grounds of Pretoria Boys High School which is now the Pollock campus of Boys High. The arrangement was temporary as it seems that the state was planning on financing the construction of a new art school in Pretoria with its own grounds and facilities.

By the 1980s, the state of South Africa had great economic pressures due to the political context of the time and as a result, there was a shortage of funds that could be utilized to construct a new arts school from fresh. A decision was taken by the Transvaal department of education to move the art school from Pollock campus to the grounds of the commercial school in Alphen Park. The process of integrating the two schools was completed by 1992 and by 1994, the school started operating as a new, fully integrated Pro Arte Alphen Park.[citation needed]

The school was to be a focus school with attention paid to the arts and enterprise management.

Today, the school continues in its tradition of arts that it obtained from the Pretoria Art School alongside a tradition of enterprise management that it got from the commercial school. The school thus has six study fields including art, music, dance, drama alongside enterprise management and hospitality studies.



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146 Roeline Street, Pretoria 0081, Gauteng, Pretoria, South Africa

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