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Learning Through Play. Have fun with Science & Math Educational Apps, full of math and physics for primary and secondary scholars.


Math animations will put fun into learning and develop young minds.

Physical Science

Physics animations let you learn physics and school physical science while playing.

Engineering / Technology

Technology animations put fun into learning because you can experience many interesting aspects of technology in 3D and in real time.

Our Apps

Math and physics concepts covered are: numbers, coordinates, area, volume, speed, velocity, acceleration, torque, stress, pressure, momentum, Pythagorean theorem, energy, telling time, ratio, rate, frequency, algebra, gravitation, force, electricity, Bernoulli, shapes, differentiation, circle geometry, gears, engine, orthographic projections, pneumatic simulator, waves, exponents and perspective.

* Math Apps For Primary School
Math Apps For Secondary School
Physical Science Apps With Science Animations
Engineering & Technology Apps And Animations

Science & Math Apps

Math, Physics and Technology animations will help you to understand concepts better. These animations are powerful educational media; they make understanding of dynamic and 3D concepts much easier. Math and Physics animations don't replace handbooks; they support handbooks because they can do things that handbooks can't do.

Learning Through Play

* Math and Physics animations are interactive, you get immediate feedback.
They can show objects in 3D by rotating them on the screen.
They are dynamic; you see things happening right in front of you.
They make use of virtual objects with which you can do experiments and teachers and parents can do demonstrations. There is no age restriction - the younger, the better.

Apps for different devices

At search for "Visual Maths and Science gears" or in the place of gears, type : force, stress, crystal  structures, engine, gravitation, projection, pneumatics, thermodynamics, waves, velocity, momentum, basic electric or energy and search for the app.

Apps for the iPhone and iPad, developed by the author are available. Click on the icons on relevant pages on our website to download from the App Store.



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