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374 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria 0002, Gauteng, Pretoria, South Africa

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Occupational therapy is the art and science of guiding people with activity limitations to perform the occupations and daily activities that are important & meaningful to them. Success Occupational Therapy is based in Pretoria.

These include self–care, leisure/play, education, work and social tasks.

Successful Passionate Life Without Limitations

The aim of Occupational Therapy is to maximise functional performance so that people are able to optimally perform their roles and participate in their communities. Occupational therapy is provided to people who are at risk of occupational dysfunction, for example children with developmental delays or learning problems and people with physical and/or psychosocial disabilities and dysfunctions.


Success Occupational Therapy receives clients from workplace, doctors, schools, RAF (the Road Accident Fund) and various attorneys for Occupational Therpay Assessment and opinion pn clients residual functional, work and physical capacity. These capabilities can also be cognitive as well as emotional. The client will be assessed through a number of work samples and activities to get accurate output. Thereafter the therapist will write a detailed formal report outlining the results of the assessment and forward it to the relevant parties that have referred the clients to us.

The Practice is equipped with numerous medically orientated equipment, four nationally and internationally recognised Physical and Functional Capacity Evaluation standardised tools and ten nationally and internationally recognised cognition stadardised tools

The Practice is also equipped with numerous non-standardised physical capacity and cognition test which are instrumental in comprehensive physical capacity, functional capacity and work capacity evaluations, Assessment tools used are practically applicable to individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds as well as all nationalities.


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374 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria 0002, Gauteng, Pretoria, South Africa